75-jahriges Jubilaum des Institut des Actuaires Francais by Erbe W.

By Erbe W.

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At Nevsky, as well as at other factories, striking workers demanded the right to elect their own permanent representatives to 37 Rossiiskii gosudarstvennyi arkhiv sotsialʹno-politicheskoi istorii (rgaspi), f. 589, op.  9103, vol. 5: ll: 48–50, Shliapnikov’s testimony at his 1933 party purge. Pagination was in reverse chronological order in many documents in f. 589, dela 9102 and 9103. I have cited the pages in the correct numerical order. 24 CHAPTER 1 negotiate for them with the factory management.

Although he was ‘smart by nature’ and spoke French and German, his ‘superficial knowledge of Latin’ revealed a lack of higher education. Another intellectual weakness, according to an informant, was to frequently ‘reinforce’ his papers and speeches ‘with reference to one or another published work’. 5 Although condescending in tone, the report conveys the young metalworker’s ambition, talents and intellectual orientation. While improving his French-language skills and studying Marxism, Shlyapnikov participated in Russian émigré politics and French trade unions.

From an aristocratic family, she was well educated, a popular and charismatic speaker and an author of works about socialism and women’s issues. Having become a Marxist in the late 1890s, she turned to Menshevism after the Russian Social Democratic Workers’ Party split in 1903. She had lectured at Bogdanov’s school on the ‘woman question’. As a part of the general project of women’s social emancipation, she advocated a new type of relationship between men and women. The ‘new woman’ would conquer her own tendency towards submissiveness and would manage to reconcile her needs for autonomy and femininity.

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