A Blemished Perfection: Book of Job in Context by Yair Hoffman

By Yair Hoffman

The major methodological thesis of this examine is that the booklet of activity, greater than the other publication within the Bible, might be taken care of as a creative paintings within which shape and content material can't be separated. for this reason, an exceptional acquaintance with the literary features of the ebook, together with its family with different historic close to jap texts, is a precondition to the knowledge of its theology. The deep constitution of the ebook is that of a catalogue-which is a key to knowing its method of the matter of theodicy. The tough language of task is scrutinized, and is proved to be an unique and immanent attribute of the e-book. A synthesis of the literary, linguistic and theological features of activity ends up in its paradoxical-not absurd-definition as 'a blemished perfection'.

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Suggested Genre Classifications of the Book of Job A considerable number of scholars have addressed their attention to the question of the genre classification of the book of Job, whether as a whole or with regard to specific sections. These studies expose the essential problematics involved in any genre classification: the blurring of the boundaries between genre and sub-genre; the overlapping of the various sub-genres; the attempt to impose a specific cultural anchor (Sitz im Leberi) upon a literary genre; and more.

31 is wisdom in its essence. From here it is not a great step to cast doubt as to the very possibility of a genre classification for the book. Pope stated that from a literary viewpoint the book of Job is composed of fragments, and even wondered whether there is any justification for attempting to ascertain the genre of a book whose literary unity is in doubt—that is, sui generis—and which is lacking in terminology to define it. While there is justification for the statement regarding the generic uniqueness of the book of Job, there is some doubt as to whether this may be 6.

The degree of authority enjoyed by the Poetics is suitable to a confrontation with a book such as Job, whose literary value is likewise beyond doubt, (b) While there is a great geographic and cultural distance between classical Greece and biblical Israel, the chronological distance is not at all great. One may reasonably assume that the Poetics was written around 330 BCE, a date that lies within the range of the late biblical period, the period during which the book of Job was composed (see above), (c) As I shall clarify below, there are cogent methodological reasons for examining the book of Job on the basis of criteria set forward by an aesthetician who did not know the book, and 12.

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