A Glossary Of Words And Phrases Pertaining To The Dialect Of by William Dickinson

By William Dickinson

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Rounded with difficulties. to fall the back yard. Back-stick, G. the rod connecting the foot-board of the spinningwheel with the crank. N. sword. G. Back-side, Backstone, c. an iron plate or to bake cakes upon. its is with indignity, to ex- I so used. ' G. the belly the cow. Bag, c. provisions taken into the field for workmen. ' Bad bread, is to c. To be out of favour be in bad bread. , Baddin, N. bad one ; the evil one. B adder, G. badder thing Bagwesh, ' pute. w. handy, ' It's a bain lad, willing, near.

Debate. G. to 'It G. argue, signify. doesn't argy'-^-it does not sig- Argy, nify. (as relating to number). Ang ; Argify, quantity). ' tive) approval. , N. a vent-hole in the wall of a barn, &c. almost. c. Applied Arbitry, o. arbitrary. to manorial customs. partly. , Airk, N. a chest, as meal- ark, &c. Armin chair, G. an arm-chair, or elbow-chair. , Err, N. a scar from a wound, a cicatrice. Ar ridge, G. an angular edge. Arris, in architecture. Arse-beurd, a cart. N. the end board of Arse-breed, G.

To Bond sucken, multured and ground, and are the c. practice succisa plant. c. aginary person used to frighten children. by the wind. the whole quantity. w. to bowl. ' Bool in, lads,' go boldly in. Boon, G. service done by a customary tenant to the lord of the manor. , Bunce, N. bounce. Boor staff, c. the pin the handweaver turns his beam with. Let him Boot, G. bout ; a turn. a conhave a boot at threshin' an entertainment. , denoting an attempt to vomit from nausea. Bok, c. a ridge of land left for division of ownership.

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