A Grammar of Motives by Kenneth Burke

By Kenneth Burke

Approximately this ebook Mr. Burke contributes an introductory and summarizing comment, "What is concerned, after we say what individuals are doing and why they're doing it? a solution to that question is the topic of this ebook. The e-book is worried with the fundamental kinds of wherein, according to the character of the realm as all males inevitably adventure it, are exemplified within the attributing of factors. those varieties of although may be embodied profoundly or trivially, honestly or falsely. they're both found in systematically elaborated or metaphysical constructions, in felony judgments, in poetry and fiction, in political and clinical works, in information and in bits of gossip provided at random."

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Stantially" free, by reason of qualities which he had inherited "substantially" from his creator. Even in cases where the nature of the case does not justify the usage grammatically, it can be used without strain for rhetorical purposes. What handier linguistic resource could a rhetorician want than an ambiguity whereby he can say "The state of affairs is substantially such-and-such," instead of having to say "The state of affairs is and/or is not such-and-such"? There is a similar usage in the expression, "in principle'' (a word furthermore that is literally a "first," as we realize when we recall its etymological descent from a word meaning: beginning, commencement, origin).

But gradually, as inherited, it becomes a sheer state, the nature of the king's extrinn'c properties enabling him to be a king by reason of their substantiality alone. He can be a king, while commissioning ministers to perform : ANTINOMIES OF DEFINITION 43 bis stead the kingly acts. ) Indeed, the king's holdings may retain him bis position as king, investing him with their substance, long after his jn or his failures to act, have endangered his kingdom. And may we not discern some such grammar behind the Roi Soleil's pronouncement: "Lytat, c'est moi"?

Not only that, but it is ready at any time to maintain the thesis that a foundation within man and nature is a much sounder one than is one alleged to exist outside the constitution of man and nature. By placing man and nature together, in dialectical opposition to the supernatural, Dr. Dewey's remarks here somewhat conceal from us the fact that we are shifting between a scenic location for motives and a location within the agent. Only the second kind would be "intrinsic" to people; the other kind would be "derivative" from nature as scene instead of from super-nature as scene.

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