A New Reading of the Animal Apocalypse of 1 Enoch: "All by Daniel Olson

By Daniel Olson

'A New interpreting of the Animal Apocalypse of one Enoch' is the main accomplished theological statement in this very important second-century BCE Jewish apocalypse up to now, laying out the aim and method of this Enochic allegory and utilizing this because the foundation for a brand new observation most of the time textual content, offered right here in a clean translation. opposed to different interpretations that target Israel and its associations, Daniel Olson argues that the promise of common blessing within the Abrahamic covenant is gifted within the 'Animal Apocalypse' because the governing dynamic in a sacred heritage that starts and ends with humanity ordinarily. The real Jacob/Israel will seem after all occasions and be the catalyst of common salvation.

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This interpretation also overlooks the fact that the allegory evidences little regard for the monarchy at any point in history. The embarrassing story of Saul and his failures is recounted in surprising detail (89:42–44), while Samuel, that harsh critic of the monarchic institu- 29 Dillmann, Das Buch Henoch, 286–287; Beer, APAT 2:298; Martin, Le livre d’Hénoch, 235; Charles, Book of Enoch, 215–216. More recent scholars who continue in this vein include Michael Knibb (Ethiopic Book of Enoch, 2. 216); Paolo Sacchi (Jewish Apocalyptic and its History [JSPS 20; Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press, 1990], 159–160); and Gabriele Boccaccini (Middle Judaism, 134).

64 How did the Enochians understand their duel identity as both “children of Enoch” (1En 91:3; 93:2; 94:1; cf. , the most authentic heirs to his covenant)? Remarkably, it seems 63 My translation, emending the last verb from ‫ ַו ֵיּ ַדע‬to ‫ ַו ִיּ ָוּ ַדע‬, following LXX (καὶ ἐγνώσθη). Of the three main promises of the Abrahamic covenant (land, descendants, blessing), Enochic interest centers almost exclusively on the blessing aspect. There is no interest in possession of the land beyond a few vague, token references (1En 56:6; 93:6), and there are only a few isolated displays of interest in the multiplication of descendants (67:3; 89:15; see below, p.

See n. 53 above. 19 Lindars, “A Bull, a Lamb and a Word,” 485–486. 20 Tiller, A Commentary, 275. 21 Tiller, A Commentary, 387 (“the allusion is not that elusive”). 23 In other words, the gift offered by the Greek translator was not missed: it was declined. Third, some of Lindars’ own arguments are poorly considered and open up his otherwise attractive solution to unnecessary criticism. 25 But if the “great beast” is not a ram but a different species, then the lamb phase is only an interlude, not a final state.

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