A Simplified Guide to Bhs: Critical Apparatus, Masora, by William R. Scott

By William R. Scott

This consultant was once an not obligatory examining fabric for certainly one of my BH sessions. firstly I wasn't definite what to make of this advisor, the best way to use it and what its usefulness is. it's not valuable for analyzing Biblical Hebrew and will not do you any strong if that is all you must do. yet it is precious for fogeys who are looking to transcend the textual content itself. The extra I learn BHS and the extra i take advantage of the Masoretic notes and the serious gear, the extra worthy this little ebook turns into. additionally, for an reader, there's a lovely solid bibliography with a view to dig deeper if desired.
Specifically, it covers verse divisions (soph pasuq, seder, etc.), particular pointing, the Masora (it has short notes at the Masoretes, Masora Finalis, Masora Marginalis -- either Mm and Mp, clarification of the serious gear and accents. furthermore, there's an index of abbreviations and logos in Mp and an invaluable checklist of Latin phrases utilized in BHS with English translations. For the fee it is a bargain and definitely a great tool for the reader.

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LIV 47 1NDEX OF THE SMALL MASORA reference by which different successions of the abbreviations for three words indicate Deut 26:17 Deut 30:16 1 KgS 2:3, 8:58 different verses of scripture as shown on BHS p. LIV note derived from key letters from various verses of Numbers 29, so that the letters ❑ ' b refer to a libation of water. This note is fully explained in Yeivin p. 134 reference by which different successions of abbreviations for the names of five daughters of Zelophehad indicate different verses of scripture as shown on BHS p.

Pages 35-36 below discuss the muSical values of the accents. This and the following two paragraphs diScuss accentuation and semantic division. Although not properly accent marks, pasēq, maqgēp and metheg are related to the accent system in differing ways. These marks are discuSsed on pages 5-6. " The disjunctive accents are usually on the last word of a phrase, clause, or other semantic unit. , unitS of meaning) do not always coincide with syntactical units. Thus an 'atnah, for example, may occur in the middle of a clause, but usually signifies some discrete sense of meaning.

32 A SIMPLIFIED GUIDE TO BHS NOTE MO' gedôlāh is a small circle above the word with a tail below it slanting to the left. Telîšā ' qetannāh is also a small circle above the word with itS tail slanting to the right. Because the tails are so small, it is eaSy to confuse theSe accents with the circles which denote references to Mp. This confuSion can be minimized by remembering that Mp references are near the center of a word or are equally spaced between two words. Telîšā ' qetannāh immediately follows the laSt letter of a word and telîšā ' gedôlāh immediately precedes the first letter.

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