A Web of New Words: A Corpus-Based Study of the by Daphne Kerremans

By Daphne Kerremans

This booklet offers the 1st large-scale usage-based research of the conventionalization means of English neologisms within the on-line speech group. The research solutions the longstanding query of ways and why a few neologisms turn into a part of the English lexicon and others don't. It strings jointly findings and assumptions from lexicological, sociolinguistic and cognitive examine and supplementations the present theories with novel data-driven insights. For this objective a webcrawler used to be built, which extracted the occurrences of the neologisms into consideration from the web in per thirty days durations. The ebook indicates that the several classes conventionalization methods may perhaps take end result from the interaction among speaker-based sociopragmatic accommodation-induced features and components facilitating cognitive processing of novel linguistic fabric.

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49 In order to test the disambiguation effect of context, Dunbar extracted compounds with Goldilocks as a first element from the Wall Street Journal issues between January 1991 and July 1998 and the Financial Times issues between January 1992 and July 1998.  2005: 223).  2005: 223). If we assume that the context provides a vital comprehension aid for the hearer or reader, the precise role of the knowledge culled from the linguistic context merits some further attention.  Clark and Clark 1979). e.

Hohenhaus 1996: 38, 2005: 17)26. Therefore, nonce-formations are characterized by their one-off occurrence and do not spread across the speech community or have not done so yet. In sum, nonce-formations are distinguished from neologisms by a) frequency, b) context-dependence and c) motivation. Thus, functionally, neologisms are words that represent an advanced state of ad-hoc formation in terms of higher frequency, tentative familiarity among the speakers of the language community and stronger context-independence.

However, due to the hype and worry surrounding the turn of the millennium, it is probable these words have left traces in the lexicon of speakers and societies.  2005, 2008, 2011a: 71-82; see also Lipka 1977). e. e.  Schmid 2003: 78, 2008: 5-10, 27-30). From the former perspective, a new lexeme is typically accessed and processed from its parts rather than holistically. id=m-3576. 38 Example from Lipka et al. 2004: 11. 39 In the OEC, a total of 169 occurrences were found, 61 of them in sources from 2000.

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