Activating 1001 Academic Words for IELTS: ..and Other by Keith Burgess

By Keith Burgess

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What had radically changed? And give an example. 293. He usually catches the bus at eight o'clock to get to work. Now, the bus company has changed the schedule. The bus will leave at seven fortyfive. For him, what does this mean? 295. He was planning to go overseas to study. He preferred to go to the United States to study rather than Australia, but what were the obstacles? 297. The English Language School had an Open Day. People interested in studying at the school could be shown around. On the Open Day there were English language teachers there from England, Australia and the United States.

The mailman in our suburb was not competent. Why not? What did he do? 75. Sometimes a government will lower taxes suddenly or spend some extra money itself on infrastructure, for example . Why? What does it want to stimulate? 77. The transport company said they would increase bus drivers' wages by 5%. But the drivers, who were on strike, still did not go back to work. Why? What did they reject? And why? 79. In each case what are they going to adopt? The new government is going to tax the rich more highly, just like the last government.

Activating 1001 Academic Words for IELTS PART 3 lesson 4: Superwords 121-160 Student B Think through the vocabulary and increase your speaking skills by taking turns at asking and answering these questions. Try to use the lesson words as you answer. 122. Before the invention of the aircraft, what did not man never conceive? 124. Wo hundred years ago people communicated long distance by only mail and letter. But what is the situation now? ) 126. There are only five Internet computers working in the school.

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