Advanced cleaning product formulations by Ernest W. Flick

By Ernest W. Flick

This booklet offers greater than 800 complicated cleansing product formulations for family, commercial, and car purposes. All formulations are totally different from these in different volumes. If you must buy the entir

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5 Solids, %: 16 Viscosity at 25C, cps: 150 Freeze/thaw Stability: Pass SOC Stability: Pass Use Concentration: Squirt small amount into sink and fill with hot water Formulation No. 1. 0 Mixing Procedure: Add ingredients in the order given above. 5 with sulfuric acid if necessary. 5 Viscosity @ 25C, cps: 250-300 Solids, %: 21-23 Use Instructions: Squirt small amount into sink and fill with hot water. Performance: Mini-Plate Test: Above formulation: 28 mini-plates washed Palmolive control: 40 mini-plates washed Comment: Ammonyx La not only improves the viscosity and foaming properties of the formulation but also -imparts emolliency.

Then add the anhydrous STPP to the mixture and mix thoroughly. d) Add the Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate dihydrate to the product mixture last and mix into the product . Ra w Mat e ria 1s : STPP) anhydrous Sodium Carbonate Sodium Sulfate) anhydrous Britesil C24 Surfonic LF-37 Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate-H20 Water ~~ Weight 34 19 15 18 3 3 8 Mixing Instructions: a) Mix together the STPP) sodium carbonate and Britesil. b) Slowly spray a mixture of the Surfonic LF-37 and water onto a well-stirred mixture of solids from step (a).

It will original state upon thawing. Formulation is stable at 120F for 30 days. : Formulation No. 049 @ 74F. 74 @ 74F. 049 @ 74F. 74 @ 74F. 1 Bathroom Cleaners Spray Cleaner Water Caustic Soda Flakes Butyl Cellosolve Monamine ALX-100S Add ingredients in order listed. 0% Thorough mixing will result in a coarse, but very stable emulsion cleaner for greasy machine parts which are not attacked by the solvent. 5 Procedure: Blend Water, TKPP, and SMS together until dissolved, add remaining ingredients.

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