After Hegemony: Cooperation and Discord in the World by Robert O. Keohane

By Robert O. Keohane

This publication is a accomplished examine of cooperation one of the complicated capitalist nations. Can cooperation persist with out the dominance of a unmarried energy, corresponding to the U.S. after global struggle II? to respond to this urgent query, Robert Keohane analyzes the associations, or "international regimes," during which cooperation has taken position on the earth political economic climate and describes the evolution of those regimes as American hegemony has eroded. Refuting the concept that the decline of hegemony makes cooperation very unlikely, he perspectives overseas regimes no longer as susceptible substitutes for global govt yet as units for facilitating decentralized cooperation between egoistic actors. within the preface the writer addresses the problem of cooperation after the top of the Soviet empire and with the renewed dominance of the U.S., in safeguard issues, in addition to contemporary scholarship on cooperation.

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1. 45 * As compared with the average rate of productivity in the other members of the world economy. SOURCE: Lake, 1983, table 1 (p. 525) and table 3 (p. 541). twentieth met the material prerequisites for hegemony better than any other states since the Industrial Revolution. In 1880 Britain was the financial center of the world, and it controlled extensive raw materials, both in its formal empire and through investments in areas not part of the Imperial domain. It had the highest per capita income in the world and approximately double the share of world trade and investment of its nearest competitor, France.

During the Marshall Plan years, American administrators had to deal with "the special demands of the American business and agricultural community 23 QUESTIONS AND CONCEPTS that expected direct and early profit from the program—and who were well-represented in Congress. The general goals of multilateral trade were certainly in the interests of all these constituencies; yet they, unlike the State Department, were willing to undermine the achievement of the general aim for even the smallest immediate gain" (Kolko and Kolko, 1972, pp.

30 •3• HEGEMONY IN THE WORLD POLITICAL ECONOMY It is common today for troubled supporters of liberal capitalism to look back with nostalgia on British preponderance in the nineteenth century and American dominance after World War II. Those eras are imagined to be simpler ones in which a single power, possessing superiority of economic and military resources, implemented a plan for international order based on its interests and its vision of the world. As Robert Gilpin has expressed it, "the Pax Britannica and Pax Americana, like the Pax Romana, ensured an international system of relative peace and security.

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