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Norman D. Cota) 109, 110 and 112 Inf Regts 630 TD Bn (towed), 687 FA Bn, 707 Tank Bn 4th Infantry Division (Maj. Gen. Raymond O. Barton) 8, 12 and 22 Inf Regts, 81 and 174 FA Bns 802 (towed) and 803 (M-10) TD Bns, 70 Tank Bn CCA and CCR, 9th Armored Division (Maj. Gen. John W. Leonard) 52 & 60 Armored Inf Bns, 2 & 19 Tank Bns, 3 & 73 Armored FA Bns German Forces in the Bulge on 16 December 1944 OB WEST Generalfeldmarschall Gerd von Rundstedt (Chief of Staff: General der Kavallerie Siegfried Westphal) ARMY GROUP ‘B’ Generalfeldmarschall Walther Model (Chief of Staff: General der Infanterie Hans Krebs) GERMAN SEVENTH ARMY General der Panzertruppen Erich Brandenberger (Chief of Staff: Generalmajor Freiherr Rudolf von Gersdorff) LXXX Corps General der Infanterie Franz Beyer 408 VolksArtillerie Korps, 8 VolksWerfer Brigade, 2 and Lehr Werfer Regts 212 Volksgrenadier Division (Generalmajor Franz Sensfuss) 316, 320 and 423 Volksgrenadier Regts 276 Volksgrenadier Division (Genlt Kurt Möhring /Oberst Hugo Dempwolff) 986, 987 and 988 Volksgrenadier Regts 340 Volksgrenadier Division (Oberst Theodor Tolsdorff) 208, 212 and 226 Volksgrenadier Regts LXXXV Corps General der Infanterie Baptist Kniess 406 VolksArtillerie Korps, 18 VolksWerfer Brigade 11 Sturmgewehr (StuG) Brigade (Oberstleutnant Georg Hollunder) 5 Fallschirmjäger Division (Oberst Ludwig Heilmann) 13, 14 and 15 Fallschirmjäger Regts 352 Volksgrenadier Division (Oberst Erich Schmidt) 914, 915 and 916 Volksgrenadier Regts 79 Volksgrenadier Division (Oberst Alois Weber) 208, 212 and 226 Volksgrenadier Regts LIII Corps (committed 22 December) General der Kavallerie Edwin von Rothkirch und Trach 9 Volksgrenadier Division (Oberst Werner Kolb) 36, 57 and 116 Volksgrenadier Regts 15 Panzergrenadier Division (Oberst Hans-Joachim Deckert) 115 Panzer Bn, 104 and 115 Panzergrenadier Regts Führer-Grenadier-Brigade (Oberst Hans Joachim Kahler) GERMAN FIFTH PANZER ARMY General der Panzertruppen Freiherr Hasso von Manteuffel (Chief of Staff: Generalmajor Carl Wagener) LXVI Corps General der Artillerie Walther Lucht 460 Heavy Artillery Bn, 16 VolksWerfer Brigade 18 Volksgrenadier Division (Oberst Günther Hoffmann-Schönborn) 293, 294 and 295 Volksgrenadier Regts 62 Volksgrenadier Division (Oberst Friedrich Kittel) 164, 193 and 190 Volksgrenadier Regts XLVII Panzer Corps General der Panzertruppen Freiherr Heinrich von Lüttwitz 766 VolksArtillerie Korps, 15 VolksWerfer Brigade, 182 Flak Regt 2 Panzer Division (Oberst Meinrad von Lauchert) 3 Panzer Regt, 2 and 304 Panzergrenadier Regts 9 Panzer Division (Generalmajor Harald von Elverfeldt) 33 Panzer Regt, 10 and 11 Panzergrenadier Regts Panzer Lehr (Generalleutnant Fritz Bayerlein) 130 Panzer Regt, 901 and 902 Panzergrenadier Regts 26 Volksgrenadier Division (Oberst Heinz Kokott) 39 Fusilier, 77 and 78 Volksgrenadier Regts Fuhrer-Begleit-Brigade (Oberst Otto Remer) LVIII Panzer Corps General der Panzertruppen Walther Krüger 401 VolksArtillerie Korps, 7 VolksWerfer Brigade, 1 Flak Regt 116 (Windhund) Panzer Division (Generalmajor Siegfried von Waldenburg) 16 Panzer Regt, 60 and 156 Panzergrenadier Regts 560 Volksgrenadier Division (Oberst Rudolf Langhauser) 1128, 1129 and 1130 Volksgrenadier Regts XXXIX Panzer Corps (committed end of December) Generalleutnant Karl Decker 167 Volksgrenadier Division (Generalleutnant Hans-Kurt Höcker) 331, 339 and 387 Volksgrenadier Regts GERMAN SIXTH PANZER ARMY Oberstgruppenführer Sepp Dietrich (Chief of Staff: SS Brigadeführer Fritz Krämer) Fallschirmjäger Bn (Oberst Freiherr Friedrich-August von der Heydte) 506 Heavy Panzer Bn (Tiger II) 2 Flak Division, 4 Todt Brigade I SS-Panzer Corps Gruppenführer Hermann Priess 388 and 402 VolksArtillerie Korps, 4 and 9 VolksWerfer Brigades 1 SS-Leibstandarte Panzer Division (Oberführer Wilhelm Mohnke) 1 SS-Panzer Regt, 1 and 2 SS-Panzergrenadier Regts 12th SS-Hitlerjugend Panzer Division (Standartenführer Hugo Kraas) 12 SS-Panzer Regt, 25 and 26 SS-Panzergrenadier Regts 3 Fallschirmjager Division (Generalmajor Walther Wadehn) 5, 6 and 9 Fallschirmjäger Regts 12 Volksgrenadier Division (Generalmajor Gerhard Engel) 27 Fusilier, 48 and 49 Volksgrenadier Regts 277 Volksgrenadier Division (Oberst Wilhelm Viebig) 289, 990 and 991 Volksgrenadier Regiments 150 Panzer Brigade (Obersturmbannführer Otto Skorzeny) LXVII Corps Generalleutnant Otto Hitzfeld 405 VolksArtillerie Korps, 17 VolksWerfer Brigade 3rd Panzergrenadier Division (Generalmajor Walther Denkert) 103 Panzer Bn, 8 and 29 Panzergrenadier Regts 246 Volksgrenadier Division (Oberst Peter Körte) 352, 404 and 689 Volksgrenadier Regts 272 Volksgrenadier Division (Oberst Georg Kosmalla) 980, 981 and 982 Volksgrenadier Regiments 326 Volksgrenadier Division (Oberst Erwin Kaschner) 751, 752 and 753 Volksgrenadier Regts II SS-Panzer Corps Obergruppenführer Willi Bittrich 410 VolksArtillerie Korps, 502 SS-Heavy Artillery Bn 2nd SS-Das Reich Panzer Division (Brigadeführer Heinz Lammerding) 2 SS-Panzer Regt, 3 and 4 SS-Panzergrenadier Regts 9th SS-Hohenstaufen Panzer Division (Oberführer Sylvester Stadler) 9 SS-Panzer Regt, 19 and 20 SS-Panzergrenadier Regts US Forces in the Bulge, 1 January 1945 TWELFTH ARMY GROUP Lt.

Ross) 71, 158 and 160 Inf Brigades 29 Armoured Brigade (Brig. Roscoe B. Harvey) (3 Royal Tank Regiment, 2 Fife & Forfar Yeomanry, 23 Hussars, 8 Rifle Brigade) 33 Armoured Brigade (Brig. B. g. the Germans had more NCO ranks because they had NCO platoon commanders; other titles reflected a function, rather than a rank. The US Army also altered its NCO ranks after WW2. **Now Sergeant 1st Class. Foreword I AM A creature of the British Army. My father served in the Second World War. My grandfather and his brother commanded battalions in the First World War; their father was an officer in the Militia.

Ridgway’s 18th Airborne Corps XXX Corps (British) Lieutenant-General Sir Brian Horrocks’ British 30th Corps XXXIX Panzer Corps Generalleutnant Karl Decker’s 39. Armeekorps XLVII Panzer Corps General Heinrich von Lüttwitz’s 47. Panzerkorps LVIII Panzer Corps General Walther Krüger’s 58. Panzerkorps LXVI Corps General Walther Lucht’s 66. Armeekorps LXVII Corps General Otto Hitzfeld’s 67. Armeekorps LXXIV Corps General Karl Püchler’s 74. Armeekorps LXXX Corps General Franz Beyer’s 80. Armeekorps LXXXV Corps General Baptist Kneiss’ 85.

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