Anatomical Imaging: Towards a New Morphology by H. Endo, H. Endo, R. Frey

By H. Endo, H. Endo, R. Frey

This e-book provides chosen works of up to date evolutionary morphologists and comprises such themes as extensive scale reconstructions of the mind and ear of dinosaurs, inference of locomotor conduct from cancellous bone structure in fossil primates, and a comparability of the independently developed manipulating apparatuses within the lesser and monstrous pandas. perception is supplied into the applying of contemporary noninvasive applied sciences, together with electronic imaging strategies and digital 3D reconstruction, to the research of advanced anatomical positive aspects and coherences. together with conventional tools, this enables for the formula of more desirable hypotheses on coordinated functionality and evolution. The production of digital translucent specimens makes it attainable to achieve the age-old dream of the classical anatomists: searching through the outside into the internal association of an organism. On complete show here's the dramatic and promising effect that sleek imaging innovations have on clinical development in evolutionary morphology.

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Aryt. Cart. cric. Cart. thyr. Cart. thyroh. Cav. infrglott. Cav. lar. Ceratoh. Choan. Corn. caud. Corn. rostr. Epigl. Epih. FEP I: M. omoh. = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = I: M. sternoh. = I: M. sternthyr. = Lig. nuch. Lig. thyroh. Ling. LLV Man. sterni Mand. Meat. ac. M. aryt. transversus M. cricaryt. dors. M. cricaryt. lat. = = = = = = = = M. cricthyr. M. cut. fac. M. occiph. M. omoh. M. parotaur. = = = = = = = hyoid apparatus cricoarytenoid articulation cricothyroid articulation thyrohyoid articulation basihyoid tympanic bulla cervical vertebrae 1–5 arytenoid cartilage cricoid cartilage thyroid cartilage thyrohyoid cartilage infraglottic cavity laryngeal cavity ceratohyoid choanae caudal horn rostral horn epiglottis epihyoid fibroelastic pad insertion of omohyoid muscle insertion of sternohyoid muscle insertion of sternothyroid muscle nuchal ligament thyrohyoid ligament tongue lateral laryngeal ventricle sternal manubrium mandibula (dentary) acoustic meatus transverse arytenoid muscle dorsal cricoarytenoid muscle lateral cricoarytenoid muscle cricothyroid muscle facial cutaneous muscle occipitohyoid muscle omohyoid muscle parotidoauricularis muscle M.

Sternthyr. M. styloh. M. thyroh. M. ventric. M. voc. M. zyg. Mm. constr. phar. caud. Nasophar. O: M. thyroh. = Oesoph. Orophar. Palat. mol. Phar. Plic. aryepigl. Plic. voc. Por. ac. ext. PPP = = = = = = = = Proc. corn. Proc. cuneif. = = Proc. parac. Proc. voc. Prom. hyo. Prom. lar. Rad. ling. Rima glott. rostr. bulge = = = = = = = Styloh. Thyroh. tip Proc. corn. = = = Tymph. ) = = Trach. V. jug. ext. ventr. keel = = = Vest. lar. = = = = = = = = = = = 13 mandibular portion of sternocephalic muscle sternohyoid muscle sternothyroid muscle stylohyoid muscle thyrohyoid muscle ventricularis muscle vocalis muscle zygomatic muscle caudal constrictor muscles of pharynx nasal portion of pharynx origin of thyrohyoid muscle oesophagus oral portion of pharynx soft palate pharynx aryepiglottic fold vocal fold external acoustic meatus palatinal pharyngeal pouch corniculate process cuneiform process of epiglottis paracondylar process vocal process hyoid prominence laryngeal prominence root of the tongue glottic cleft rostral bulge of thyroid cartilage stylohyoid thyrohyoid tip of corniculate process tympanohyoid (right, left) tympanic pharyngeal pouch trachea external jugular vein ventral keel of thyroid cartilage laryngeal vestibulum 2 Anatomical Peculiarities of the Vocal Tract in Felids Gerald E.

The connected broad ventral portions of both parotidoauricularis muscles support the epiglottal region of the larynx in a hammock-like sling (Fig. 9). In contrast to other ruminants, the powerful mandibular portion of the sternocephalic muscle is double-bellied. Both portions originate from the most rostral portion of the sternum. The stronger ventral portion inserts with a strong tendon to the superfi ficial aponeurosis of the masseter muscle and to the superfi ficial connective tissue covering the buccal region and the mandibula.

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