Ancient Hebrew Periodization and the Language of the Book of by Aaron Hornkohl

By Aaron Hornkohl

In old Hebrew Periodization and the Language of the booklet of Jeremiah, Aaron Hornkohl defends the diachronic method of Biblical Hebrew and the linguistic courting of biblical texts. utilising the normal methodologies to the Masoretic model of the biblical publication of Jeremiah, he seeks up to now the paintings at the foundation of its linguistic profile, settling on that, notwithstanding composite, Jeremiah is probably going a made from the transitional time among the 1st and moment Temple Periods.

Hornkohl additionally contributes to unraveling Jeremiah’s complex literary improvement, arguing at the foundation of language that its 'short edition', as mirrored within the book’s outdated Greek translation, predates that 'supplementary fabric' preserved within the Masoretic variation yet exceptional within the Greek. however, he concludes that nor is written in overdue Biblical Hebrew right.

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Third, the simple fact that a late feature was imposed ‘from above’ and/or consciously adopted by a writer does not automatically cancel out its diagnostic value as a chronological marker, since, in many cases, this situation of freedom to choose between alternatives is exactly what characterizes late sources. Fourth, as shown below, neither the sporadic early use of characteristically late features nor the late persistence of classical features negates the validity of linguistic dating procedures.

The absence of the conversive tenses in RH should evidently not be attributed to genrerelated factors, specifically to the general lack of narrative in rabbinic literature, since this would affect only the use of the wayyiqṭol form. RH provides numerous opportunities for the use of weqaṭal (for example, in procedural instructions), but does not employ it either. Segal 1908; Kutscher 1982: §§193–194; see also Steiner 1992: 17–18, 21–26 for an extensive bibliography of modern scholars who see RH as the literary reflection of what was once a living and natural spoken language.

Imagination and speculation are not unknown in linguistic studies. To be sure, assumptions must be made where there are holes in the data, and even where information is ample interpretations often involve at least some degree of inventiveness. Even so, Hurvitz’ (1982:19) admonition seems apt: “It is true that a certain measure of ingenuity is useful—and, perhaps, even necessary—in studies seeking to interpret texts written millennia ago. ” 38 chapter 1 the subjectivity inherent in the non-quantifiable criterion of accumulation employed in the standard linguistic approach to dating biblical texts, implying its unreliability.

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