Applications of Fibonacci numbers. : Volume 9 proceedings of by Fredric T. Howard

By Fredric T. Howard

A document at the 10th overseas convention. Authors, coauthors and different convention individuals. Foreword. The organizing committees. record of members to the convention. advent. Fibonacci, Vern and Dan. common Bernoulli polynomials and P-adic congruences; A. Adelberg. A generalization of Durrmeyer-type polynomials and their approximation houses; O. Agratini. Fibinomial identities; A.T. Benjamin, J.J. Quinn, J.A. Rouse. Recounting binomial Fibonacci identities; A.T. Benjamin, J.A. Rouse. The Fibonacci diatomic array utilized to Fibonacci representations; M. Bicknell-Johnson. discovering Fibonacci in a fractal; N.C. Blecke, okay. Fleming, G.W. Grossman. confident integers (a2 + b2) / (ab + 1) are squares; J.-P. Bode, H. Harborth. at the Fibonacci size of powers of dihedral teams; C.M. Campbell, P.P. Campbell, H. Doostie, E.F. Robertson. a few sums concerning sums of Oresme numbers; C.K. prepare dinner. a few techniques on rook polynomials on sq. chessboards; D. Fielder. Pythagorean quadrilaterals; R. Hochberg, G. Hurlbert. A basic lacunary recurrence formulation; F.T. Howard. Ordering phrases and units of numbers: the Fibonacci case; C. Kimberling. a few easy homes of a Tribonacci line-sequence; J.Y. Lee. a kind of series produced from Fibonacci numbers; Aihua. Li, S. Unnithan. Cullen numbers in binary recurrent sequences; F. Luca, P. Stanica. A generalization of Euler's formulation and its connection to Bonacci numbers; J.F. Mason, R.H. Hudson. Extensions of generalized binomial coefficients; R.L. Ollerton, A.G. Shannon. a few parity effects relating to t-core walls; N. Robbins, M.V. Subbarao. Generalized Pell numbers and polynomials; A.G. Shannon, A.F. Horadam. yet another word on Lucasian numbers; L. Somer. a few buildings and theorems in Goldpoint geometry; J.C. Turner. a few purposes of triangle differences in Fibonacci geometry; J.C. Turner. Cryptography and Lucas series discrete logarithms; W.A. Webb. Divisibility of an F-L style convolution; M. Wiemann, C. Cooper. producing capabilities of convolution matrices; Yongzhi (Peter) Yang. F-L illustration of department of polynomials over a hoop; Chizhong Zhou, F.T. Howard. topic Index

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We need to find an injective object and an injective map from M to that object. M; Q=Z/, and define a map i W M ! M _ /_ , m 7! m W M _ ! m/. V _ /_ D V). Now represent M _ as a quotient of a free Abelian group F: F ! M _ ! 0: Since the contravariant functor Hom. ; Q=Z/ is left exact, this induces j 0 ! M _ /_ ! F; Q=Z/ is a direct product of groups isomorphic to Q=Z and therefore F _ is divisible (because Q=Z is divisible). 4, F _ is injective in the category of Abelian groups and the result follows from the composition of injective maps i j M !

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