"As It Is Written" and Other Citation Formulae in the Old by Kevin L. Spawn

By Kevin L. Spawn

This quantity examines using quotation formulae within the outdated testomony. After demonstrating the shortcoming of consensus and procedure within the therapy of such exegetical units, the writer addresses the necessity for a sustained exam of quotation formulae and similar expressions. This inquiry specializes in the cautious identity of the referents of quotation bases as a foundation for the research of inner-biblical exegesis. extra insights are provided at the improvement of such exegetical units, the hermeneutics of the post-exilic group, and the syntax of comparative statements in Hebrew.

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After an exhaustive examination of these formulae which consist of predominantly legal terms we will address a selected number of terms such as and V i m as well as their cognates34. nominal Another set of constructions are related to some of the citation formulae above. For instance, ΓΠ2ΪΙ33 and τ τ - are related to the τ : · 7 comparative clauses V Π13 "IttfíO and "HMO respectively. Jenni refers to such prepositional phrases introduced with 3 as abbreviations (Verkürzungen) of the comparative clause introduced with For instance, the constructions in 2 Chr 35:16 and Num 26:4 below both ascribe a command to an authority figure.

D3H [the rest of Jeroboam's deeds] 24 1 Kgs 14:19; 2 Kgs 15:11, 15, 26, 31; 1 Chr 29:29; 2 Chr 16:11; 20:34; 24:27; 27:7; 28:26; 32:32; 33:19; 35:26-27; 36:8. 25 1 Kgs 11:41; 15:7, 31; 16:5, 14, 20, 27; 22:39, 46 (45); 2 Kgs 8:23; 10:34; 12:20 (19); 13:8, 12; 14:15, 18, 28; 15:6, 21, 36; 16:19; 20:20; 21:17, 25; 23:28; 24:5; 2 Chr 9:29; 12:15; Esth 10:2. The above passages include both the filli (K"Ò) and defective (10) spelling of the negative particle. 26 1 Kgs 14:29; 15:23; 2 Kgs 1:18.

That is, the function of the highest degree of emphasis (Muraoka) of the subject in such cases serves to mark a break in the narrative and to provide background information to the on-going prosaic account. Viewing these regnal formulae as a sort of ancient footnote appears to be well-grounded. Perhaps our rendering of this construction ("The rest of the deeds of David — they are written in the books of the kings of Judah") demonstrates how extraposition was used in these formulae to mark a break in the narrative.

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