Atlas Peri-Tethys, Paleogeographical maps. Explanatory notes by Dercourt J., Gaetani M., Vrielynck B., Barrier E.,

By Dercourt J., Gaetani M., Vrielynck B., Barrier E., Biju-Duval B., Brunet M.F., Cadet J.P., Crasquin S., Sandulescu M.

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Remnants of the back arc sea are scanty and could be. from east to west: - the Dizi terrigenous succession. ru considered to span from the Permian to the Early Jurassic (SOMIN& BELOV,1967); - the exotic blocks of the southern Crimea, previously described; - the sedimentary fragments floating over the Kijre Complex (USTAOMER & ROBERTSON, 1997). At the southern margin of the region, forming the core of the arc, there are several crustal blocks. They are, from east to west: - Dzhirula and Khrami in the Transcaucasus, slabs strongly deformed during the Hercynian Orogeny with evidence of intrusive and sedimentary rocks of Palaeozoic age, probably emergent during the Late 1989); Permian (ADAMIA& LODKIPANIDZE, - the Eastern Pontides, in which Early Carboniferous "Granodiorite - Dacite Complex" and Late Carboniferous Early Permian?

Locally they contain coal seams. The thickness of the whole Tatarian could locally reach 2300 m. A second area of coarse-grained sediments might be traced along a semioval belt, from Orenburg to Astrakhan. Tatarian sediments are represented here by red-coloured sandstones, silts, argillites. To the east of this belt conglomerate lenses may also occur. Locally horizons of the grey-coloured sediments with numerous stromatolite bodies are present. Moving to the west, the coarse sediments grades into red-coloured siltstone and claystone.

The facies are bedded limestones, evaporites and claystones. The thickness is low. The palaeoenvironments were lagoon, inner and middle ramp. Tectonics: weak subsidence mainly compensated by sedimentation continued. , 1998) in an intermediate area between-continental and marine deposits from Asselian to Artinskian. The facies near Donetz are limestones, evaporites (salt, anhydrite) and red claystones during Asselian and Sakmarian and red conglomerate and sandstone during Artinskian (because of its importance, the widespread evaporite facies representing mainly the Asselian to Sakmarian condition is reported in the map, taking also into account the Artinskian erosion and fresh-water leaching of evaporites).

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