Australasian Tokens Coins by Arthur Andrews

By Arthur Andrews

Каталог монет и жетонов Австралии.

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Circle. J. VND. and the beaded and an indented rim. rim, T. S. straight round, and FORSAITH. PL 13. across centre with betwe

Mm. Normal. A minute over &, the T of TAILORS 22. over T of TRIMMINGS and the latter word shortened bringing the T nearly over the second E of QUEEN. legend to . No. 22. 1863. 34 mm. Normal. ^— Similar legend. * Penny. and longer, bringing the I HABERDASHERY is a full mm. higher and R of IMPORTER almost in contact with the letters E, the words TAILORS and TRIMMINGS are in bolder letters and the T of the latter opposite the first E of QUEEN R. 25. —As No. 22. AUSTRALIAN STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY.

Is slightly but name again shorter, and the bottom of the second above the back of N. L AU ST n A LA SI AN TO K ESS AM) 176. Penny O. mm. ). — As — As No. Normal. name 172, with above the Penny mm. ). initial W ui long, but the Normal. —As No. 172, but with Beaded rim. R. — As No. 172, with round stjuaro stops, anrl the name stf)ps, Penny L Penny mm. ). —As No. R. — As No. O. name long, the above the initial H and the second L of N. Beaded rim. 179. ->, ^liclitly H. * 49 No. 172. * COINS. of W UALL much is shorter.

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