Austrian Frontier Troops 1740-98 by David Hollins

By David Hollins

Austria's Balkan frontier – the disputed borderland among Europe and the Ottoman Turks – used to be defended within the 18th century by means of a different association of hardy groups who have been granted farmland in go back for armed provider. those Grenzers, masters of guerrilla battle, have been later included into Austria's standard forces, and earned a much wider attractiveness scuffling with opposed to the military of Frederik the Great’s Prussia. through the beginning of the wars opposed to progressive and Napoleonic France they supplied an important a part of the Austrian Line. This e-book unravels their advanced background, and illustrates the improvement in their vibrant people costumes into awesome uniforms.

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Tht· bac k. either the hort·b<,trrdled bkm 5th/It:. tlh Ihe lonKoont"lJt"d nbllklt)o. :llll dnd ,,,,,110110. "fug:ee, in the arh li9

Chu(·<1 (0 (JIl(' 1('Kil1lt"nl in 17~1:~. ~(rt'nKlh, \\('f(' ...... MW of • hua'Mf' NCO from the K8rtstedt Dhttk:t In the 174Oa. dety worn by NCO. n - here. poNIJbtj tynx. Although cut In the . me styte • • In omcen. hie 'one coat .. n fur. ",it. ddleck>th edgld In renow and buttng the Imperiel ~'-dIet' In black. d 36 ............ t"l plo\idinK their 0\\1\ hUl~'''l. ld.. tlIlx', \\ hie. 1\ e. Ie. 'd h\ (()Ich. ld. 1I IIx'h. 'Lhdlt'. ull('1. 'eI \dlo\\. ~cllII \iht'f. \1 hlnt'\ on th(' (10 ~ bdl.

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