Axis Forces In Yugoslavia 1941 45 by Nigel Thomas, K. Mikulan, Darko Pavlovic

By Nigel Thomas, K. Mikulan, Darko Pavlovic

On 6 April, the German second and twelfth Armies, Italian second and ninth Armies, and the Hungarian 4th, fifth and cellular Corps invaded Yugoslavia from Italy, Germany, Rumania, Bulgaria and Albania. Few of the Royal Yugoslav Army's 30 divisions actively resisted, and after eleven days the Yugoslav excessive Command surrendered. In Croatia, a puppet nation was once put in. Axis forces quick occupied the important cities and patrolled the most street and rail hyperlinks, yet within the villages, geographical region and mountains a vicious and intricate guerrilla struggle used to be brewing. This identify takes an in depth examine the German, Italian, Croatian, Serbian, Montenegrin, Bulgarian, Macedonian, and Slovenian devices that fought for the Axis powers in Yugoslavia.

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