Battle for the Falklands (1): Land Forces (Men-at-Arms, by Will Fowler

By Will Fowler

At the evening of 1-2 April 1982, the Argentinian Junta led through Gen. Leopoldo Galtieri made its flow opposed to the Falkland Islands. On three April British top Minister Mrs. Margaret Thatcher confronted an appalled and livid condominium of Commons to announce that Argentine defense force had landed on British sovereign territory; had captured the boys of Royal Marine detachment NP8901; had run up the Argentine flag at executive condo; and had declared the islands and their inhabitants to be Argentine. This soaking up textual content through William Fowler information the land forces that contested the Falklands War.

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2. 'Cold Weather' (CW) suits of parka and overtrousers, both with quilted liner garments sometimes seen worn exposed—a dark green sleeveless waistcoat and trousers. , and are occasionally seen worn by paratroopers. Identifying features are epaulettes, a stiffened hood, 'patch' pockets on the chest, 'bellows' pockets on the skirt, and a strap-fastened parka cuff. Also in DPM. Note that both the windproof and CW suits have oversize buttons, and 'bellows' pockets on both thighs of the trousers. —seen in both the Commandos and the Para battalions.

Afterwards they discovered that their enemy had been the Argentine 5th Marine Infantry Battalion. Scots Guards casualties were nine dead and 41 wounded; enemy casualties were about 100, and the 27 prisoners included the battalion commander. The Gurkhas were tasked to move round the northern flank of Tumbledown when it had been secured. As they advanced they came under observed artillery fire, suffering ten casualties. Their troubles were increased by reports of a minefield stretching north from Tumbledown, but by great good fortune they passed its southern boundary.

Apart from the new fibre paratroopers' helmet, this soldier could belong to any battallion or commando which served in the Falklands. He wears the windproof parka and over-trousers, DMS boots and puttees. His equipment is standard '58 Pattern with '44 Pattern waterbottle, NBC gear, and toggle rope; the rucksack is the Para issue, with poncho roll and lightweight shovel attached. His weapon is the standard SLR with Trilux SUIT sight attached. He is a living, aching reminder that in the days of shoulder-fired missiles and massive B2: Sergeant, 2nd Bn.

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