Being Virtual: Who You Really Are Online (Science Museum by Davey Winder

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A strange thing started to happen: it appeared that even though most people knew it was the same person (and every message posted on CIX would be from the same account after all) they would refer to the helpful side of me as dwindera and the delinquent as Wavey. My emerging personality had been split, even if I had not purposefully split it myself. After all, my virtual personalities were just a mirror to my real-world experiences: whatever was happening in my life was magnified, exaggerated and exploded into the online world.

My husband spanks me, and I enjoy it. I don’t want to enjoy being spanked. I don’t understand why I do. All I know is that I’ve thought about spanking for as long as I can remember. It is an aspect of myself that I am completely embarrassed about. While spanking is one of the more common fetishes, it is still something that I struggle with’. Daisy, a graduate student, satisfies her passion for literature with her classmates and professors; she can be silly and have fun with her friends. In fact pretty much all of her needs – to be involved with and to talk about every aspect of her life – are satisfied in the real world.

I had hardly had a chance to start this process of personal development when my participation at Micronet was cut short, courtesy of the system being closed down in 1991. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise, like finding your house has been demolished but the council have built you a bigger, better one in an even friendlier neighbourhood. That neighbourhood was a newly emerging online system that had agreed to take on the exiting Micronet users. That system was called CIX, and it became both my online home and the birthplace of ‘dwindera’.

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