Best of the Rolling Stones. Vol. 1, 1963-1973 by Rolling Stones

By Rolling Stones

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Faithful (FAYTH-ful) adjective: Loyal; true. faithfulness (FAYTH-ful-ness) noun: Loyalty; the state of being faithful. fall for ( fall for) verb: To become infatuated with. 50 fervor fancy (FAN-see) verb: To desire, want, or like. Victor really FANCIED his brother’s girlfriend and spent as much time as he could trying to win her away. fascinate (FAS-uh-nayt) verb: To cause attention to be held or arouse interest. fault ( falt) noun: Unattractive or harmful quality. fear ( feer) noun: The thought that something unpleasant might happen.

32 You can’t be envious and happy at the same time. —Frank Tyger 33 devour devour (dih-VOWR) verb: To eat or consume quickly, voraciously, and entirely. die (dahy) verb: As in to die for; an informal way of saying that one is extremely desirous of something or someone. disaffect (dis-uh-FEKT ) verb: To alienate or become disloyal. disaffection (dis-uh-FECK-shuhn) noun: Being dissatisfied with people in authority. With two groups vying to take control of the majority vote, the board of directors called a meeting to discuss the growing DISAFFECTION among the members.

35 discriminatory discriminatory (dis-KRIM-in-ah-tor-ee) adjective: Showing prejudice; biased. disgruntled (dis-GRUN-tulld) adjective: Angry; dissatisfied. disgruntlement (dis-GRUN-tull-ment) noun: The state of being disgruntled. disillusion (dis-il-LOO-zhuhn) noun: The feeling resulting from being freed from false beliefs or understandings. verb: To free from illusion; to disenchant. disparage (dis-PAR-ij) verb: To belittle or represent as not having value or worth. The aging tennis champion took any opportunity he was presented to DISPARAGE his younger competition, no matter how quickly they were gaining on him in terms of tournaments won.

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