Birds of Prey by Todd Telander

By Todd Telander

Falcon Pocket advisor: Birds of Prey is a box consultant to the fifty five birds of prey in North the USA. Anatomically right illustrations of the birds in flight and at the flooring and distinctive descriptions approximately each one bird's sought after actual attributes and ordinary habitat make it effortless to spot birds on your yard, favourite parks, and flora and fauna parts. Informative and gorgeous to peruse, this is often the basic source when you are out within the box. Falcon Pocket courses are full-color, visually beautiful, on-the-go publications for deciding on vegetation and animals and studying approximately nature.

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Also known as the Sparrow Hawk, the kestrel has a habit of flicking its tail up and down while perched. The adult male is illustrated. FALCONS Merlin, Falco columbarius Family Falconidae (Falcons) Size: 10–12"; female larger than males Range: Throughout North America Habitat: Open country, woodland edges, farmland Season: Winter in the contiguous US, summer in Canada and Alaska The Merlin is a pugnacious, stocky falcon, slightly larger and heavier than a Kestrel, with pointed wings and a short, stubby bill.

The bill is strongly hooked to aid in tearing apart its favored food—carrion. Juveniles have a dark gray head. Turkey Vultures often roost in flocks and form groups around food or at a roadkill site. The adult, perched and flying, is illustrated. Unlike most birds, Turkey Vultures have a highly developed sense of smell, which helps them locate rotting carcasses from high in the air. Because Black Vultures lack this keen smelling ability, they will often tag along with Turkey Vultures to find food.

Males are slate gray overall, while females are reddish orange below and dark brown above. Juveniles are similar to females but are whitish on the underparts and on the face. Hook-billed Kites typically clamber through vegetation, but in flight have floppy wing beats with wings held forward. Their favored prey is snails that live in trees. They clutch the snails with their talons and pry out the meat with their specialized bill; they will also eat small vertebrates. The illustrations show an adult perched and in flight.

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