Blood of Amber (Doubleday Science Fiction) by Roger Zelazny

By Roger Zelazny

Surrounded and imprisoned via his enemies, Merle Corey, aka Merlin of Amber, is compelled to put his belief in a gorgeous shapeshifter in an effort to restoration stability to his international and confronts a strength that threatens Earth besides. Reissue.

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All right, asshole! " a voice boomed from ahead. I continued to trudge forward. It came again. " Things began to swim into place as I advanced, and suddenly there were rough walls to my right and left and a roof overhead, narrowing, converging A huge rotund figure barred my way, looking like a purple Buddha with bat ears. Details resolved themselves as I drew nearer: protruding fangs, yellow eyes that seemed to be lidless, long red claws on its great hands and feet. It was seated in the middle of the tunnel and made no effort to rise.

Place has a stormy history," he stated, withdrawing a small knife from his girdle and cutting himself a piece of cheese. " When I saw that he was about to dig the cork out of a wine bottle with the knife I halted him and essayed a small and surreptitious Logrus sending. The response was quick, and I passed him the corkscrew immediately. He handed me the entire bottle after he'd uncorked it and opened the other for himself. For reasons involving public health I was grateful, though I wasn't in the mood for that much wine.

I heard her say then. I raised one hand to her as the feeling intensified. I seemed to be staring down a long black tunnel with nothing at its farther end. "I don't know;' I said, summoning the Logrus and taking control of one of its limbs. "Ghost? Is that you? " I asked. There was no reply. I felt a chill as I remained receptive, waiting. I had never experienced anything quite like this before. I'd a strong feeling that if I but moved forward I would be transported somewhere. Was this a challenge?

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