C# Development by Rob Miles

By Rob Miles

C# improvement КНИГИ ; ПРОГРАММИНГ Автор:Rob Miles Название: C# improvement Издательство: division of laptop technological know-how Год: 2008 Формат: pdf Размер: 1,5 MbWelcome to the fantastic international of Rob Miles™. it is a international of undesirable jokes, puns, and programming. during this e-book i will provide you with a smattering of the C# programming language. when you've got programmed prior to i might be thankful if you would nonetheless learn the textual content. it's worthy it only for the jokes and you can truly study anything. .com zero

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The interesting thing here is that the program for the chemist is actually just a variation on the program for the double glazing salesman. Both conform to a pattern of behaviour (read data in, process it, print it out) which is common to many applications. Any time that you are asked to write a program that reads in some data, works out some answers and then prints out the result you can make use of this pattern. Part of the skill of a programmer is identifying the nature of a problem in terms of the best pattern to be used to solve it.

We have already seen that the bool type is used to store this logical state. We can create conditions which return a logical result. These are called "logical conditions". Which is logical. WriteLine ( "hello mum" ) ; } This is valid, although rather useless as the condition is always true, so "hello mum" is always printed (note that we left the else portion off - this is OK because it is optional). Conditions and Relational Operators To make conditions work for us we need a set of additional relational operators which we can use to in logical expressions.

C# Programming © Rob Miles 2008 47 Writing a Program Program Flow Combining Logical Operators Sometimes we want to combine logical expressions, to make more complicated choices, for example to test for a window width being valid we have to test that it is greater than the minimum and less than the maximum. C# provides additional operators to combine logical values: && and. If the operands each side of the && are true the result of the && is true. 0) - this would be true if the width was valid according to our above description.

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