Catalog of the Order Tylenchida (Nematoda) by B.A. Ebsary, Agriculture Canada

By B.A. Ebsary, Agriculture Canada

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Whiteheadi (Ganguly & Khan, 1987) n. comb. Rotylenchoides whiteheadi Ganguly & Khan, R. robastus (de Man, 1876) Filipjev, 1936 Tylenchus robustus de Man' 1876 Tylenchorhynchus robustus (de Man' 1876) Micoletzky, 1922 Anguillulina robusta (de Man, 1876) Goodey, 1932 Hoplolaimus uniformis Thorne, 1949 1987 H. willmottae Siddiqi, 1972 R. uniformis (Thorne, 1949) Loof & Oostenbrink in Ta{an &Hopper, 1974 Species inquirendae Scutellonema picea Gubina, 1973 H. H. H. H. H. R. 974 R. aceri Berezina, 1985 R.

Punicae Swarup & Sethi, 1968 H. glissus Thorne & Malek, 1968 H. dihysteroides Siddiqi, 1972 H. paraconcavus Rashid &Ythan, 1974 H. teleductus Anderson, 1974 abuharazi Zeidan & Geraert, 1990 H. Razdrivin, Ortega & acunae Fernandez, H. Quincosa, 1980 H. acutucaudatas Femandez, Razzhivin, Ortega Quincosa, 1980 H. acutus Teben'kova, 1983 H. aerolatus van den Berg & Heyns, 1975 & H. ffirtis (Luc, 1960) Fortuner, 1984 Rotylenchoides affinis Luc, 1960 H. africanus (Micoletzky, 1916) Andrassy, L958 Tylenchus robustus var.

Australis Valenzuela & Raski, 1985 P. brachyurus (Godfrey, 1929) Filipjev & Schuurmans Stekhoven. 1941 4l Catalogue, Ordre des Tylenchida Tylenchus brachyurus Godfrey, 1929 Anguillulina brachyurus (Godfrey, 1929) Goodey,1932 P. leiocephalus Steiner, 1949 P. zlrrrrrh & Boock, 1954 P. cerealis Haque, 1965 P. fallax Seinhorst, 1968 P. manohari Quraishi, 1982 P. codiaei Singh & Jain, 1984 P. coffeae (Zimmerman, 1898) Filipjev & Schuurmans Stekhoven, 1941 Tylenchus coffeae Zimmermann, 1898 Anguillulina coffeae (Zimmermann, 1 898) Goodey, 1932 Tylenchirs musicola Cobb, 1919 Anguillulina musicola (Cobb, 1919) Goodey, 1932 Pratylenchus musicola (Cobb, 1919) Filipjev, t936 Tylenchus mahogani Cobb, 1920 Anguillulina mahogani (Cobb, 1920) Goodey, 1932 Pratylenchus mahogani (Cobb, 1920) Filipjev, r936 P.

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