Circuit Cellar April 2010 by Steve Ciarcia

By Steve Ciarcia

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69″ of space on the PCB, thus cutting my room for components down to about 1″. On the plus side, I didn’t have a ton of components. On the negative side, I didn’t have a lot of room. The solution? Surface-mount components and a generous use of both sides of the board for component layout. Rather than the typical component-side/solder-side style of board layout, I put components on both sides of the board as needed. I kept the top side populated with the through-hole-only devices, such as the jacks and headers, as well as the surface-mount processors and linear power regulator parts.

That’s because the fourth button is tied to resetting the microcontroller. Pushing it restarts the application (brings it out of sleep). It resets the mode to 0 and reads the instructions on using the buttons to choose a story. The Story (red) button is used to read the next story title (in mode 0) or reread the title of the presently selected story (in mode 1). The Go (green) button is used to select the present story, change the mode, and read the instructions on using the buttons to read a story (in mode 0) and to increment the storybook’s page and read it (in mode 1).

Should the microcontroller send a “Play Phrase” command with a Phrase Index = 0 to the KX1400, it will act as if it is in standalone mode executing the fetch and jumping to the vector address for Phrase 0. This doesn’t make much sense. But imagine if a number of phrases were stored in the external EEPROM. qxp 30 3/10/2010 5:21 PM Page 30 which is used as a assuming all the audio power switch and brings clips fit within the allotPower On the system out of ted EEPROM space. or reset power-down which The microcontroller Mode = 0 sleeps at less than 1 µA.

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