Classical Hebrew Poetry: A Guide to Its Techniques (JSOT by Wilfred G. E. Watson

By Wilfred G. E. Watson

Despite controversial concerns, corresponding to metre, we now recognize sufficient approximately classical Hebrew poetry with the intention to know the way it used to be composed. This large-scale guide, wealthy intimately, exegesis and bibliography, presents guidance for the research and appreciation of Hebrew verse. subject matters contain oral poetry, metre, parallelism and kinds of the strophe and stanza. Sound styles and imagery also are mentioned. A long bankruptcy units out a complete variety of alternative poetic units and the booklet closes with a collection of labored examples of Hebrew poetry. all through, different historical Semitic verse has been used for comparability and the foundations of contemporary literary feedback were utilized.

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At this point it may be possible to find out whether a particular device stands out more than the others (for example, the dominant device in Ps 100 is ellipsis). 1. Tabulation. g. 'not//not' in Ps 131,1), formulae, vocabulary peculiar to a poem, etc. If not already recognised, 20. N. Whybray, Wisdom in Proverbs (London, 1965). 21. J. Revell, 'Pausal Forms and the Structure of Biblical Poetry', VT 31 (1981) 186-199, argues that line-ends are marked by pausal forms or, conversely, that contextual forms are not used at the end of stichs'.

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