Collective and Individual Responsibility: A Description of by Jurrien Mol

By Jurrien Mol

Following an intensive research of Ezekiel 18 and 20, this publication bargains a redefinition and a brand new theoretical foundation for the concept that of company character. This concept is accordingly utilized to Ezekiel 18 and 20 to investigate the collective and person good points.

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And sanctify my Sabbaths, and they will be a sign between me and you, that you may know, that I, the Lord, am your God. But the sons have behaved rebelliously toward me, they have not followed my ordinances, they have not kept my laws, by doing them, by which the man, who does them, lives. And my Sabbaths they have desecrated, and I planned to pour out my wrath on them, to complete my anger with them in the desert. But I have turned my hand back, and I dealt for the sake of my name, so that it might not be desecrated before the eyes of the nations, because I had led them out before their eyes, 42 23.

For the lack of ‫( ֲאד ֹנָ י‬twice in this verse), see 18:3. ָ ‫ ַח‬, ‫ ִאם‬has a strong negative significance see * After the oath ‫י־אנִ י‬ 18:3.

See Zimmerli 1969a (38*); Hossfeld 1977 (26–30). See Greenberg 1986 (83). References are made according to the relative paragraphs of the grammars. 7 Thus, the divine relative nominal sentence connecting to ‫ה־לּ ֶכם‬ speech obtains, by means of repetition, the urgent character which is aimed at. ַ ‫ מ ְֹשׁ ִלים ֶא‬the figura etymologica is recognizable in a In ‫ת־ה ָמּ ָשׁל‬ somewhat freer meaning, see GKC §117r; cf. 8 The strengthening of the use of this proverb, which is expressed in the above mentioned form of the figura etymologica, disappears if Elliger is followed.

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