Conscience Interplanetary by Joseph Green

By Joseph Green

Technology Fiction. a really great classic collector's merchandise. quantity # UY1148(#131). unique fee $1.25.

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Allan took the implied dismissal at face value, and rose. He was hungry, but when he sat down to eat the concentrates seemed curiously tasteless. He kept thinking of the refreshing coolness of the air in the grotto, of the beauty of the sun on the sparkling ice, the strange and ancient wisdom he had found in a group of seals. How odd, that as a species they had achieved the goals that had dominated the thought of Earth’s best minds for thousands of years, and then had formed the conviction that the needs of the individual were as important as those of the group.

Several of the closer Shambler males, hands high and bones hidden, stood waiting for an attack signal. Someone saw that the child was beyond aid, and a harsh command came from farther up the line. They were not going to risk more lives to recover the dead. Allan was not taking a risk, and he wanted the body. His stomach was churning, in reaction to violence and sudden bloody death, but he carefully aimed the pistol. Despite a slight shaking in his hand the hot beam burned a hole into the killer’s feral brain.

You were successful at living when you managed to have enough high moments to make enduring the low ones, and living through the routine ones, more than worthwhile. P. Corps in search of more high moments, which he found woefully lacking in teaching. It was true that traveling through space was, terribly boring and time-consuming—the routine part of this job—but there were few low moments, and the high ones were unique and priceless experiences. When he had walked out of the water into that beautiful grotto on Sister, and found himself gazing into the sad wise eyes of the Decision-Maker, he had been too tense for abstract thought.

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