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Is irrelevant By now, my discerning audience will have anticipated that the binary-catenary dichotomy of my own idiom is very close to the traditional dichotomy of artificial and natural taxonomy. To clarify, and to dispose now make two (a) if of, a dilemma that need not be, categorical assertions the end in view identification, is let me therefore : to identify an object, our be whence we necessarily invoke cedure of progressive exclusion, as indeed use a key to genera or species is the be of a binary pro we do when we ; (b)any such procedure would be incredibly time-consuming unless we could initially narrow the field of observation by going, so to say, to an appropriate set of library shelves, to the museum floor or to the relevant filing cabinet at the start.

Roy. Soc. , 1938). SCIENCE IN AUTHORITY 36 intrinsic species-differentiation (as opposed to species-differentiation dependent on extrinsic causes), how species originate involves differ ent problems in plants and animals and different problems at different evolutionary levels in either of them. For instance, mosses and ferns have a higher potential of species-dichotomy than crosspollinated flowering plants. In these phyla a single individual which is sexually incompatible with the parent stock produces a multiplicity of new sexual forms by spores.

WhewelPs major is indeed a dilemma which worries most students of preoccupation zoology, botany and medicine. His own treatment of the issue was both highly informative and wholly inconclusive. Since then,, so far as I know, nobody has done justice to the dilemma which he so lucidly exposed. What subsumes the core of the dilemma is a question which many have asked me, when (if not so bright) they have ruminated over several text-books of zoology, or (if brighter) have had recourse to a still extant, though more than century-old, monograph on British Hydroids or Nudibranchs for a summer course at a marine lab The question is: but which is the right classification?

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