Crisis and Continuity: Time in the Gospel of Mark by Brenda Deen Schildgen

By Brenda Deen Schildgen

Here is a compact learn of the way Mark's Gospel meditates on time. It examines how the Gospel's modern environment in usual time defines its style, and the way Mark makes use of the Hebrew scriptures to recollect and bear in mind earlier teachings, prophecies and histories. The suspended time narratives, Mark's 'intercalations', however, interrupt the narrative of the serious time current. ultimately, by means of bringing the everlasting horizon into the occasions of the current, Mark's 'mythic time' finds the difficulty occasions as a temporary interruption of normal time. equally, in the course of the 'ritual time', the Gospel narrative breaks with its personal historic surroundings on the way to get to the bottom of the dead-endedness of the main issue tale via symbolically taking it open air time.

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Identifying a literary work's genre is critical to understanding it, because the choice reflects how the work relates to similar writing in the genre and distinguishes the work from related texts. Through the classification of a written text, we can usually identify it with a social and cultural community. Authors' genre choices declare the literary tradition they identify themselves with, the social-literary milieu within which they write, and even the work's geographical location. The form of a literary work identifies it with a time (past and present), a place and a community.

39 Mark's syntactic and grammatical usage and literary expression declare an absence of the influence of such an education. Scholarly arguments in favor of tragedy and comedy respectively are not satisfactory precisely because the cultural context of the Gospel cannot fit such Aristotelian or Horatian categories. Connecting the Gospel to popular Greco-Roman genres has proved more fruitful. The canons of popular forms for the period include biography, romances and novels, with history a kind of intermediary form between 'high' and 'low' culture.

48 Crisis and Continuity Tatius's Leucippe and Clitophori). These erotic popular novels include the mixture of historiographic and dramatic features, and an amalgam of earlier genres like biography, memorabilia of a sage, aretalogy and apocalypse; the plot is episodic with minimal introduction, turning point and final recognition scene. 46 If we examine these observations about the features of the Gospel, every one of these could also be used to describe a number of stories in the Hebrew Bible or in their Septuagint versions.

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