Dakota Philosopher by David Martinez

By David Martinez

Charles Eastman straddled worlds in his lifestyles and writing. the writer of Indian Boyhood was once raised within the conventional manner after the 1862 U.S.-Dakota struggle. His father later persuaded him to review Christianity and attend clinical institution. but if Eastman served as a central authority physician in the course of the Wounded Knee bloodbath, he turned disappointed approximately Americans' skill to stay as much as their very own beliefs. whereas Eastman's contemporaries considered him as "a nice American and a real philosopher," Indian students have lengthy brushed off Eastman's paintings as assimilationist. Now, for the 1st time, his philosophy as manifested in his writing is tested intimately. David Martinez explores Eastman's perspectives at the U.S.-Dakota battle, Dakota and Ojibwe family members, Dakota sacred heritage, and citizenship within the revolutionary period, claiming for him a protracted late position in America's highbrow pantheon.

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