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Is his flute in tune? indd 52 1/29/07 1:12:55 PM Jude can not listen. Is it rude to tell Luke to tune his flute? indd 53 1/29/07 1:13:03 PM Luke stops and looks in his flute. What is stuck in it? It blocks the tube. indd 54 1/29/07 1:13:07 PM Yuck! It is a prune. A prune is stuck in the flute! Luke uses a stick to get the prune. indd 55 1/29/07 1:13:14 PM Do not snack next to the flute! The bad tunes were just a fluke. The flute is in tune. Luke makes a rule. Do not snack on prunes next to the flute. They can make bad tunes.

Hope digs up stones. indd 46 1/29/07 1:12:29 PM Hope sets the rose plants in the holes. Next, Hope gets a hose and waters the roses. indd 47 1/29/07 1:12:35 PM Last, Hope gets Mom. What a big grove of big red roses Mom gets from Hope! What a big hug Hope gets from Mom! indd 48 1/29/07 1:12:41 PM by S. indd 49 1/29/07 1:12:45 PM Luke and Jude snack on some prunes. Luke picks up his flute. indd 50 1/29/07 1:12:47 PM A flute is a tube that has lots of holes in it. You can use it to make tunes. indd 51 1/29/07 1:12:54 PM Luke makes tunes on his flute.

Have a fi ne time! indd 33 2/5/07 2:35:19 PM Cole has a big fake nose. Rose likes it. indd 34 1/29/07 1:11:04 PM Cole makes a cone. Cole pokes two holes in it to make a fake nose for Rose. indd 35 1/29/07 1:11:10 PM Cole gets string. It will hold the nose in place. Now Rose has a cone nose just like the one Cole has! indd 36 1/29/07 5:20:16 PM Next, Cole and Rose make a cone nose for Bones. indd 37 1/29/07 1:11:22 PM Dad dozes on his bed. Cole looks at Dad and plans a joke. He makes a fake nose for Dad.

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