Decommissioning and Radioactive Waste Management by A. Rahman

By A. Rahman


This is the main accomplished and up to date e-book which gives a close knowing of all points of the topic, from radiological security and nuclear protection to laws and useful issues.


offers a close figuring out of the problems linked to the strategies of decommissioning and radioactive waste management. Read more...

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H −1. 28) r2 This equation can be solved graphically by plotting the RHS as a function of µr and then taking the value of µr for which RHS becomes 1. First, the RHS must be made a function of µr. 00595 m2 kg−1 for Fe at 1 MeV. 68 × 101 m −1. 9. 7 cm. [19] Decommissioning and R adioactive Waste Management Fig. 30) as a function of µr For practical solution of shielding problems, the exposure build-up factor for point sources can be conveniently expressed as BP ( µr ) = A1 exp ( − α1. µr ) + A2 exp ( − α2 .

Once the radioactive materials are within the body, they remain there until they are completely excreted by the body system following the effective half-life. 6). The total dose received from internal irradiation is thus likely to be significant. The protective action against internal irradiation is to reduce airborne activity concentrations and ban contaminated food products from consumption. The airborne activity levels are therefore constantly monitored in workplaces by sensitive instruments.

The cytoplasm is composed of 70–85% of water by volume. Due to the process of radiolysis of water, H 2O+ and e − are produced which lead to the formation of free radicals such as OH0 and H0. These free radicals react with the organic molecules within the cell and may damage the structure and functions of these molecules. There are four possible outcome following cellular damage caused by ionisation. The cells may be killed outright, they may be unable to reproduce due to DNA damage, they may remain viable but modified due to DNA modification and, of course, they may recover completely.

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