Deleuze and Ethics (Deleuze Connections) by Daniel W. Smith, Nathan Jun

By Daniel W. Smith, Nathan Jun

Due to the fact that he by no means dedicated a e-book to the learn of ethics, many students have assumed that Gilles Deleuze didn't write in regards to the topic. but the other is right. thoughts equivalent to ethics, values, and normativity play a very important, if refined and simply ignored, position in Deleuze's philosophical undertaking. those essays unearth and discover the moral dimensions of Deleuzian philosophy throughout a couple of trajectories, finally reclaiming his proposal as an ethical philosophical triumph.

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Indd 33 22/03/2011 08:43 34 Deleuze and Ethics “hovers over” the bodies that it expresses, Deleuze’s ethics pertains not so much to the judgment of the actions of individual agents, as in traditional moral thought, but rather is something that individual actors find themselves within, or that gathers actors together in a collective. The question then is that of how to respond to this event. Second, Deleuze will perpetually emphasize the manner in which the event is indifferent to determinations such as the universal and the particular.

Certainly a reading that emphasized Deleuze’s stoicism in a particular way would suggest this; however, as we’ve already seen, Deleuze sees passive resignation as one more figure of resentment. A key point not to be missed in this passage is Deleuze’s reference to the posing of problems. While it is indeed true that we get the solutions we deserve based on the problems we have posed for ourselves, Deleuze nonetheless retains some freedom in the posing of problems. In this connection, he argues that the test of the true and the false (and likewise of the right and the wrong) should be applied to problems themselves, not solutions.

Nonetheless, daunting difficulties still haunt Mill’s ethical philosophy. First, what, precisely, counts as pleasure, or as pain? In deciding that, are we to count the ire of the religious fundamentalists who see the vaccination proposal as contributing to sexual promiscuity even if this ire is founded on the improbable? Why, or why not? What about the financial concerns of the insurance companies? Are we to take into account only the health of the women involved and public health in general? indd 24 22/03/2011 08:43 The Ethics of the Event 25 are we to measure this outcome against other possible worlds where the vaccine wasn’t administered?

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