Discipleship As Political Responsibility by John Howard Yoder

By John Howard Yoder

Either one of the essays during this booklet originated in 1957. the 1st matters the kingdom within the New testomony. the second one bargains with following Christ as a sort of political accountability. Paperback,72 pages.

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2:20). To speak of the cross of the Christian or of the church is commonplace in ordinary pious language. These are talked about a great deal, especially in pastoral care. But if we have established that the cross of Christ was a highly political experience, then the cross of the church must also be understood in a new light. In pastoral counseling the language of the cross is readily used to help people find strength to deal with their rheumatism or to get along with an annoying mother-in-law.

However self-evident this might seem to moderns, there is a logical mistake here, for to assume that everyone would behave as Christians corresponds neither to Christian faith itself, nor to reality. People are in fact not all the same. To require the same from everyone, whether or not they are believers, would be the highest form of injustice. 7. The last supposed change in situation for the church we know today concerns the general right to vote and democracy itself as a form of statehood. Since all citizens, and that includes Christians, have the right to vote and also take advantage of it, all become responsible for the state.

3. Political leaders have themselves become Christians. ” But this argument also seems convincing only if we persist in keeping the concepts unclear. If a “prince” has become Christian in the sense that he is ready to leave all for Christ’s sake and follow him, then the situation of the New Testament still applies. If he has become Christian in the sense that, while belonging to the visible church he retains the freedom to act as a non-Christian* in the way he lives out his official position in the state, then the New Testament position concerning the state still applies, only in this case the church has become unfaithful.

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