Essentials of Radiologic Science Workbook by Robert A. Fosbinder BA RT(R), Starla Mason MS RT (R) (QM)

By Robert A. Fosbinder BA RT(R), Starla Mason MS RT (R) (QM)

An excellent accompaniment for necessities of Radiologic technological know-how, this workbook offers the coed with extra perform in utilizing theories lined within the textual content. Designed to supply scholars with reinforcement and perform within the subject matters they have realized, this workbook additionally serves as instruction for the Registry examination and contains Registry-style overview questions.

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The unit of electrical potential is the a. b. c. d. watt ampere volt ohm 3. What type of material would be the best insulator? a. b. c. d. copper silver tap water glass 4. An electronic device that is used to store an electric charge is called a a. b. c. d. motor rectifier transformer capacitor 5. A superconductor must be __________________ to maintain its superconductivity. a. b. c. d. cooled heated magnetized energized 6. Increasing the resistance in a circuit results in a(n) a. b. c. d. increase in current increase in voltage decrease in current decrease in voltage 7.

C. d. the number of cycles per millimeter the number of cycles per second energy per centimeter squared intensity per millimeter 29. One kilohertz is a. b. c. d. 30. One megahertz is a. b. c. d. 1 cycle per second 1,000 cycles per second 10,000 cycles per second 1,000,000 cycles per second 31. One hertz is a. b. c. d. 1 cycle per second 1,000 cycles per second 10,000 cycles per second 1,000,000 cycles per second 32. Ionizing radiation is radiation that a. is continuously emitted from an MRI unit b.

Converts alternating current to direct current 17. _____ kVp meter d. Adjusts voltage downward 18. _____ Glass envelope e. Source of electrons 19. _____ Step-down transformer f. Positive side of the x-ray tube 20. _____ Step-up transformer g. Contains only one coil; serves as kVp selector 21. _____ Filament h. Converts voltage to the kilovoltage range 22. _____ Cathode i. Serves to rotate the anode 23. _____ Rotor j. Provides a vacuum environment 24. _____ mA meter k. indd 26 11/30/2010 4:31:10 PM 27 Chapter 4: Transformers, Circuits, and Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) 25.

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