(Inter)views: cross-disciplinary perspectives on rhetoric by Gary A. Olson, Irene Gale, David Bleich, Andrea Lunsford

By Gary A. Olson, Irene Gale, David Bleich, Andrea Lunsford

This booklet includes interviews with psychologist Mary box Belenky, linguist and thinker of language Noam Chomsky, French deconstructionist Jacques Derrida, foreign literacy student Paulo Freire, unique anthropologist Clifford Geertz, thinker Richard Rorty, and cultural critic Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak (all of whose paintings has stimulated the self-discipline of rhetoric and composition) by way of essay responses from remarkable students in rhetoric and composition.

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Chomsky says/writes, I'm very much in favor of corruption. I think that's one of the best things there is. . I think it's a wonderful thing. I'd much rather have a corrupt leader than a power-hungry leader. A corrupt leader is going to rob people but not cause that much trouble. . I think we all ought to applaud corruption. . Power-hunger is much more dangerous than money hunger. " He then points out (to Chomsky? " Chomsky's distinction does away with the formulaic identification of wealth and power common in naive Marxist thought.

Chomsky's separation of the "intellectually interesting" from the "humanly significant" is his attempt to claim that his real source of authorityhis theory of languageis not subject to challenge on "human" grounds. Moreover, it is not subject to the same political analysis he offers in this interview about the role of intellectuals. These intellectuals, "submissive" insofar as they collaborate with an oppressive political ideology, are those from whom he distinguishes himself through Page 7 his political activism.

Gary Olson's Interview with Jacques Derrida Jasper Neel 145 Paulo Freire History, Praxis, and Change: Paulo Freire and the Politics of Literacy Gary A. : A Response James A. H. Knoblauch 177 Clifford Geertz The Social Scientist as Author: Clifford Geertz on Ethnography and Social Construction Gary A. Olson 187 The Somewhat Unitary World of Clifford Geertz Linda Brodkey 211 Clifford Geertz on Writing and Rhetoric Lisa Ede 219 Richard Rorty Social Construction and Composition Theory: A Conversation with Richard Rorty Gary A.

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