Official Game Developer's Guide by Andrew Mulholland

By Andrew Mulholland

This ebook info how the original Butterfly Grid may be carried out in current and new online game initiatives to lessen the complexity of community programming, permitting the sport developer to be aware of video game layout and programming.

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24 | Chapter 3 Creating Your Own Project Creating Your Own Project Setting the Directories Now that Crystal Space is installed correctly, the next step is to create our own applications using the engine. Before we actually create a new project, however, we need to tell Visual Studio where to find the include files and static libraries that were created when we compiled the Crystal Space engine in the last section. To do this, click on the Tools option from the main menu, followed by the Options… option.

First, we have the constructor and destructor methods, which are defined as follows: public: Butterfly(iObjectRegistry* object_reg); ~Butterfly(); Notice how the constructor takes in a pointer to the iObjectRegistry interface; we’ll see the point of this very shortly. Finally, we have created a method to initialize and a method to start the application. cpp. h. This should always be listed before any other include files in a Crystal Space application and should be listed at the top of all source files in your application.

Getting Started with Crystal Space | 51 Creating Your Own Project The Shared Class Facility (SCF) Unless you are going to be contributing to the Crystal Space engine, you don’t need to know much about this other than it works, and works well. The idea behind the Shared Class Facility is to have all the methods you wish to be accessible from your object in a C++ structure (or completely public class), all defined as virtual methods. So, as an example, let’s say we wanted to create an Alien plug-in for Crystal Space (don’t ask why!

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