Ruth: A Handbook on the Hebrew Text (Baylor Handbook on the by Robert D. Holmstedt

By Robert D. Holmstedt

Instead of dedicate house to the kind of theological and exegetical reviews present in such a lot commentaries, this sequence makes a speciality of the Hebrew textual content and its comparable matters, syntactic and another way. The volumes function prequels to remark right, offering courses to figuring out the linguistic features of the texts from which the messages of the texts could then be derived. as well as this, Ruth, the latest quantity within the sequence, handbooks on Amos, Genesis 1-11, and Jonah also are now to be had.

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In summary, there are no clear cases in the book of Ruth of needbased borrowing from Aramaic and only hints of prestige-based borrowing, mostly, it seems, for literary variety. Yet in none of the plausible cases of borrowing is the case strong enough to use for dating the book confidently. However, taken together with the “Early and Late” mixings discussed above, all the relevant data suggest (but not strongly) that Ruth was written during a period of Aramaic ascendancy but not dominance and thus it may come from the early Persian period.

Morphological Features Three sets of possible dating-related data fall into the category of morphology: the use of the paragogic (“word-extending”) ‫ ן‬in 2:8, 9, 21; 3:4, 18; the 2fs qatal verb ending in ‫תי‬- in 3:3, 4; and the ‫ם‬- pronouns used for feminine antecedents in 1:8, 9, 11, 13, 19, 22; 4:11. The paragogic ‫ ן‬in Ruth is often called “archaic” (Myers 1955:16– 17, followed by many). , it is limited to just six forms, whereas eleven more lack the ‫)ן‬ as well as the fact that the paragogic ‫ ן‬is scattered throughout all discernible stages in the Hebrew Bible suggests that it cannot be used as dating evidence (so also Sasson 1979:245; see comment on 2:8 for further discussion).

Pig meat) (Campbell 2004:64). At that time, French was considered more prestigious than English. , ‫“ ָּדת‬law, decree”) found in LBH texts. E. 36 Ruth Whether words are borrowed due to need or prestige, it is important to recognize that the borrowed item is adapted to the borrowing language’s phonology and morphology (Campbell 2004:65–69). For instance, the Hebrew ‫‏אׁשָּ ף‬ ַ “conjurer” entered either via Aramaic ‫ ָא ַשׁף‬or Akkadian (w)āšipu, but the Hebrew form is the only one reflecting the gemination of the middle root consonant, which is likely because the word was imported as a qattāl-pattern noun, the nominal morphological category used for “nouns of profession” (JM §88Ha and n.

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