Understanding Participant-Reference Shifts in the Book of by Oliver Glanz

By Oliver Glanz

In prophetic and poetic literature of the previous testomony references to textual members are inconsistent in regards to their gender, quantity and individual features. Oliver Glanz for the 1st time presents a scientific research of the phenomenon of participant-reference shifts. The examine is particular to the ebook of Jeremiah and displays upon the methodological stipulations that are meant to advisor the research of participant-reference shifts.
Focusing on desktop assisted development reputation the study means that Jeremiah's participant-reference shifts shouldn't be understood from a diachronic point of view. figuring out the foundation and serve as of participant-reference shifts particularly from the viewpoint of syntax, textual content grammar and rhetorics proves to be extra in line with the textual proof. With this perception participant-reference shifts now not need to distort textual coherence.

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Only five of his 28 incongruence categories are enriched by statistical overviews with regard to specific grammatical incongruence phenomena (category/chapter 8, which treats the phenomenon of sg predications preceding a composite subject; category/chapter 11 which treats the predicate relations of composite subject containing a M and F element; category/chapter 20 which treats the gender incongruence between an plF subject and a plM predicate; category/chapter 21 which treats the incongruent references between plF nouns and plM pronouns; category/chapter 22 which treats the relation of generic terms as pl nouns towards their adjectives and predications).

53–54. 107 Eep Talstra, Solomon’s prayer: synchrony and diachrony in the composition of IKings 8, 14–61, Contributions to biblical exegesis and theology (Kampen: Kok Pharos, 1993), 21. 102 30 introduction specific text phenomena by increasing the textual value of intention. In regard to PNG shifts, it is tempting to search for their origin in the intention of individual writers rather than in the general language conventions of the authors’ and editors’ time. e. 109 In order to overcome such shortcomings, we need to be aware that it is the connection of data-information and method that helps to bridge the gap between the present reader and the text.

He does not distinguish between the several types of incongruence functioning on different linguistic levels (morphology, semantics, pragmatics and text-linguistics). 79 While Levi’s work is helpful for understanding the rationale of biblical Hebrew incongruence phenomena it is not as helpful when it comes to improving our understanding of the linguistic system that has produced these participant-reference shifts. This brings us to another and even more essential point of critique. 80 Nowhere in his work does Levi introduce his 78 Two examples illustrate the limited explanatory potential of Levi’s P-shift treatment.

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